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Massage & Skin Care Services


Facials are an excellent way to get a professional to look at your skin and analyze what best suits it while pampering and providing ingredients that are filled with nutrients to benefit your skin. Facial treatments include Exfoliation-Physical, Face, neck and shoulder massage, Steam, Manual extraction, and the Mask. Each facial has its individual benefits but for the most part they all help your skin look its best while helping you relax and just enjoy the experience of being pampered.

1. Mini Facial - $35 - 30mins
2. Deep Cleansing Facial - $80 - 1hr
3. Chemical Peel - $100 - 1hr
4. Microdermabrasion - $95 - 1hr


chairmassageChair Massage

Chair massage is probably the simplest massage with the benefits of helping you relax. A chair massage is typically shorter ranging from 15-24 mins each session tends to focus on the parts of your body that accumulate the most tension which is the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. A chair massage in short term and long term gives great results helping the customer feel better immediately. Chair massages are known to help the patient relieve stress and increase productivity by relieveing emotional and mental loads.

Chair Massage - Call For Pricing & Details


swedishSwedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most well known massage reason being its what people think about the moment massage is mentioned. Swedish massage is meant to relax the whole body by having gentle techniques used on the body to help relieve stress and promote relaxation. The long gliding strokes help promote blood flow to the heart and is known to be beneficial in increasing oxygen in the blood as well as decreasing muscle toxins making Swedish massage not just an overall more relaxing experience but health benefiting too.

Swedish Massage - $100 - 1hr


prenatalPrenatal Massage

Its no secret a woman's body endures a lot of discomfort when she is still bearing her unborn treasure. A pregnant woman is a woman who can really use a delicate touch to help soothe her during her pregnancy. Prenatal massage is excellent to do just that as well as help promote for a healthy pregnancy. During this massage various different techniques are utilized including Swedish massage. The long glide strokes help promote a healthier blood flow which for a woman whose expecting is very important.

Pregnancy Massage - $165 - 1hr


deeptissueDeep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to help relieve tension in areas that constantly seem stiff or tense. Areas such as stiff necks and shoulders are usually the most prone to these symptoms. Deep tissue massage is basically when the massage is used to reach deeper layers of muscle and tissue to help rid the patient of these symptoms. The therapist will usually add pressure to the grain and in doing so some clients might feel slight pain or discomfort which is then followed by the feeling of relief from these painful tense areas.

Deep Tissue Massage - $150 - 1hr


sportsSports Massage

As the name Sports Massage indicates this massage is especially beneficial for athletes because it helps the athlete in preventing injuries as well as heal from them faster. However, this massage is also known to help those with chronic pain and a short range of motion as well as injury. This massage helps to improve the range of motion of those who need assistance in this particular area while helping them feel relief. The reason for this all is simply that this massage helps blood flow as well as the flow of lymphatic fluids through the body.

Sports Massage - $175 -1hr

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